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Windhorse Farm is an interdependent web of service to the land and to human communities. In particular, it is a provider of opportunity and methods supporting people in their natural impulse to connect with nature and with their own hearts and minds.

It is a container protecting and holding space for open and relaxed conversation and learning. In particular, it is a space for coming to understand and experience the vastness and profundity of ones own and others’ cultural traditions and connections with the land.

Within the undisturbed natural landscape, this is a perfect place to hold your meeting, celebration or group retreat. It is also home to Windhorse Woods, creating beautiful wood products from healthy forests.

Perhaps most strikingly, Windhorse is a 170 year-old demonstration of a “social enterprise” — charitable activity living in interwoven harmony and mutual support with related for-profit enterprises.


Historical context

The Mi’kMaq and their ancestors protected the place known as Windhorse Farm for 11,000 years before the European invasion 400 years ago. It remained untouched by the European axe until 1840 when Conrad Wentzell settled here with his family. Four generations of that family cared for the land, exercising wise restraint informed by keen observation of natural rhythms.

In 1990, the Wentzell family lineage having come to an end, this land was purchased by the Drescher family. The main reason was to protect the forest from being clear cut.

For the past 23 years it has been operated as a family farm and social enterprise. The Drescher children grew up here and grew to love the land and the people who came here. They watched, played and worked hard in the forest, gardens, barn and woodshop.

The logging, saw milling, and wood products manufacturing was started in the early 1990’s and continues today. Juniper Lodge was completed in 2007 and has been, since then, the centre for hosting many transformative conversations, leadership programs, celebratory events and family gatherings.

The charitable activities of Windhorse, beginning in 1992 with the establishment of The Ecoforestry School in the Maritimes, have centred on education and training in various aspects of sustainability, particularly forestry and permaculture gardening (several hundred apprentices and interns have been trained here and have contributed their own richness to this place).  Since 2001 there also have been initiatives in energy conservation and generation.